DIY diapers on the cheap

This really isn’t anything special. There are tons of posts and websites out there that tell you how to make your own diapers. I was asked to elaborate on mine, so here we go 🙂

Before I could afford my first fitteds (oddly I bought them before I finished this project), I was in search of a night time cloth diapering solution.  My baby likes to sleep a solid 12 hour block and night nurses regularly.  My absorbency needs are high and my budget very slim.  I happened upon a woman selling 3 1/2 yards of left over microfiber for $5 in a local cloth diapering group and saw a perfect opportunity to experiment with lots of room for mistakes.

Since MF isn’t exactly gentle on baby’s skin and I prefer econobums covers for overnight, I knew I needed something to act as a barrier (eliminate the need for a pocket), keep the MF in place, and keep her butt as dry as possible through the night.  That was when I got an idea to make something like a fitted.  I remembered Dirty Diaper Laundry’s post about a no-sew fleece cover and took my inspiration from there.  I suppose it doesn’t matter a great deal what material you use – previously I cut up some old t-shirts to try as well but didn’t have a machine to hem them.  I went to JoAnn fabrics for my fleece because they sell their off season remnants at a nice “discount” (IE a sane price).  I got almost 2 yards of halloween themed fleece for $4.50 and went to work.

If you are lucky enough to have a baby who wants to play with your tape measure more than your supplies this will be a breeze.  If not, consider this a nap time project.  There are diaper outlines you can find online and print but lacking a printer and patience, I went rouge.  I grabbed some spare cotton flannel from my failed cloth wipes attempt to practice on.  I fumbled and experimented with tracing paper and cardboard diaper outlines before finally just pinning a fitted on top of my flannel and cutting around it.  I made three outlines to lay on top of my fleece so I could plan my cuts to get as many diapers as possible.

1-31-14 (10)

The top three in this photo are laid out similar to how I lined up my cuts.

1-31-14 (1)

That pile in the bottom corner are the oddly shaped pieces that end up being left over between your diaper outlines.  I took those and made fleece covered inserts for smaller diapers like Thirsties.

Cutting the MF pieces required some extra thought.  I tried cutting it in the same shape as the fleece and found it was too bulky in the wings.  I chopped the wings off and settled on the long rectangles.  I laid out my MF and marked the thin area of the fleece liners as well as the height (see photo), then cut the MF slightly smaller.  This both allows for you to sew the fleece edges over the MF and protect baby’s legs, and to fold your fleece liner over if it needs to fit a smaller baby.

1-31-14 (1a)

Finally, I hand sewed them together.  I only did a basic outline along the inside of the microfiber, with perhaps 3/4″ seam allowance for security.  Remember, the fleece will be on baby’s skin.  It will probably be more comfortable if your stitches on the fleece side are very small.

So there you have it, 10 cloth diapers for just under $10 (and possibly even cheaper for you!).  If you have any questions feel free to comment!

1-31-14 (16) Enjoy!

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~ by Ashlee on December 20, 2013.

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