38 weeks

38 weeks is here, and it has been a little bit of a roller coaster for me.

I’ve had my appointments for this week now. I had the BPP/ NST Monday and my prenatal Tuesday. The BPP was great, I got to see some chunky cheeks and got some nice pictures She was facing straight forward so it took them a few minutes to get her on the NST. That was great too, though. Apparently something was going on – the doctor asked me if I was feeling contractions, I said no, and he looked at me as if I was a crazy person! I saw the strip and it showed a lot of activity but they wrap the thing so tight there, I think it was mostly my breathing and yawning.

At my prenatal, first came the bad news. My doctor was willing to let me go to 41 weeks because things are going so well. Despite perfect BP, no swelling worth note, no headaches, perfect sugars, good NST’s/ BPP’s, and baby’s size being estimated right on (6lbs 15oz, though I know there’s a margin for error in either direction), the practice is insisting I be induced Monday night because of GD. I’m a really ticked off woman. I’m having no issues and GD is well controlled, there is absolutely NO reason for this. She wanted to try cervical ripening balloons first, then misoprostol if the balloons didn’t work. After that it would be pitocin. As mad as I am I’m really thankful to her for still wanting to give me more natural options.

Off hand I happened to mention to her that I woke up sore this morning – the kind of sore that comes after having sex, which we most definitely have not done so I wondered if that was normal. I also had what I’m 99% sure was some of my plug on toilet paper a few moments before. She decided to check me – she made a joke that she wasn’t going to let me walk out of there “at 5cm or something.” I don’t know which of us was more surprised that I was 4cm dilated! She nearly sent me to L&D right then but decided to let me come home instead. I’m glad because baby obviously has not come out yet.  But since my cervix is 4cm, the balloons and gel are now out of the question.  The only semi-natural option left is to break my waters and the pitocin, both of which I am not comfortable with.  I am going to give baby the weekend to come out, and if she’s not out then call them Monday and let them know I don’t want an induction.  I don’t think they’ll be happy but if they aren’t going to base my medical care off of my case, then they don’t need to be making the decisions.

Everything is packed in preparation for her to come.  The past few days I’ve been really exhausted and I think my body has made some other changes in preparation for labor.  She has dropped big time from last week.  Her’s head is really low – I think it has engaged a time or two but come back out.  Contractions were on and off last night, and though I didn’t time them they began to get a little stronger before I went to bed.  Most of the day today there was nothing until around 8pm.  They’ve been mostly consistent at anywhere from 8-30 minutes apart.  A lot of variation, I know.  It isn’t the most encouraging.  It is unusual for me though so I’m hoping this is my body gearing up for serious business.  I’ve been doing extra walking; it will tone my uterus up if nothing else.  Baby will come when she is ready, but I wouldn’t complain if she did so this weekend so I could avoid having to fight with my doctors office.  If she doesn’t though, that’s alright.  She’s worth it.

38 7-9-13

I guess that’s all until Monday or until she makes her appearance!


~ by Ashlee on July 12, 2013.

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