37 weeks

Well, this late in the game there really isn’t much to talk about.  We are finally past the transfer date (36 weeks) – meaning they wouldn’t send me out of town if I went in to labor.  At this point baby Zoltar has really good odds at being perfectly healthy whenever she comes.

There hasn’t been anything exciting to report from my doctors appointments.  My BP is great, catches are clean, baby’s heart rate is holding in the usual range, and I’m measuring right on track.  I still don’t have the many usual pregnancy complaints – it is smooth sailing.

I’m on twice weekly NST’s and once weekly bio-physical profiles now.  Everything has looked good with all of them so far.  She practices breathing movements a lot which is exactly what we want to see.  On Monday baby was in launch position and facing away, just as she should be.  She was being stubborn and didn’t want to wake up, though.  It took the full 20 minutes for her to finally move, which ended up being a little stretching.  Of course she woke up and started showing off as soon as I left.  My doctor tested for group b strep yesterday as well.  Things are really coming down to the end, now.

I’ve been trying to walk nightly since I’m off bed rest now.  I expected some discomfort to come from that but so far there hasn’t been any.  It is nice just to get out of the house.  We also finally got the crib, mattress, and stroller from walmart.  I love them.  The sheets and blanket fit perfectly, which I was a little worried about.  Thankfully there was no need.  Of course the kitties had to come around and inspect them, and decided that we bought the mattress and crib for them.  I’ve since leaned the mattress up against the wall to keep them from putting any claw holes in it.

We hung a few pictures, too, even though I have a whole lot more.  I had to pick my three favorites.  Everything is set up and ready to go!

Other than being really hungry lately, nothing of note is going on.  I’ve been kind of stressed out and lonely.  I sewed up a few baby projects for the car seat/ stroller.  I’ve also got some inserts and liners to sew but I’m been taking a break for the moment.  The hospital bags are packed, complete with all the baby things we needed.  The last item came a week or so ago in the mail.  Baby has definitely grown in the past few weeks.  She isn’t moving quite as much but when she does you can sure see it.  The last video I took was at 34 weeks and a few days.  I should get another one soon, I know.  Maybe I’ll make that my project this week.  Until then, I guess I’ll end this!



~ by Ashlee on July 3, 2013.

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