Car Seat Convenience

I must admit, I am a victim of convenience thinking at times.  I consider it fallout from american living.  Nesting has hit me particularly strongly this week, and since I’m on bed rest I was forced to turn to my backlog of pinterest projects for things that required no physical exertion.  Having no money to spend on materials makes this a bit of a challenge, but one may always find a way.  Mostly I dug through my big bag of scraps and extras for all the recycled parts I needed.  For me these projects were free, but if you don’t have the materials laying around it won’t cost you much to get them.

My first project this week was a ‘no throw’ strap (these are handy for strollers too).  If you’ve been around kids you know how it is – they learn cause and effect by throwing things and watching them fall.  Unfortunately sometimes bottles, toys, and sippies land in some pretty nasty places.  This strap prevents the tragic fall of said item to the dirty, germy grocery store aisle or the unexplored depths underneath the front seat of your car.

I found the tutorial on homespun threads sometime last year meaning to make a gift for someone else but never got around to it.  The tutorial was good but slightly unclear on some things, so I was confused in the beginning.  It skips over sewing the short lengths of ribbon together and “Length of hook & loop closure” means velcro.  Anyway, it was simple once I had visualized the process in my own mind to make sense of it.  It is an easy project that you can get done in just a few hours – less if you machine sew – and it sure beats paying for one!  I only did two inches of each kind of velcro and it made no difference.


Second in line was the car seat blanket/cover.  Originally I had come across two ideas – one for a car seat blanket, and one for a car seat cover.  I liked them because both keep baby from kicking the blanket off  and the wind from blowing it away.


The issue became materials – I had a limited number of blankets to work with.  Most of the ones we have were too big and I didn’t want to permanently dedicate both of our receiving blankets to the car seat.  I had decided to go with the blanket because it would serve more purpose protecting Zoltar’s face from the wind (and from freaks in public who want to touch every baby they see, thus spreading their germs for all to enjoy).  However as I was doing the prep work I realized that I could easily combine elements of both ideas into one.  By making the cover as planned and also sewing patches of velcro to each side of the car seat I could have both a cover and a blanket that wouldn’t easily fall to the ground.  I will explain, of course.

First, check out the blanket tutorial on the workman family blog.  That is where I started.  There really is nothing to add to it.  She has a car seat with a straight handle, though.  If you have a car seat with a sideways handle like ours (example) all you have to do is sew your straps to match up to the handle rather than sewing them side by side.  No big deal.  It is a fast and easy job.  I sewed the rough velcro to the blanket and the soft velcro to the loose end, but you can do the opposite if you like.  On a side note, if you plan to also make this a blanket, you will need extra velcro (the type that is sewn to your blanket) and you will want to cut your straps longer than the recommended six inches to make sure they will reach the sides of your car seat.  I went with eight inches and that left me with no wiggle room – maybe nine, or more if your car seat is wider.  You can always pin your straps to the blanket and then see how much length you need.


So, your blanket is done.  You have a wind and grocery store weirdo barrier that you can easily lift up to reveal..


..your cat?  Wait a second, something isn’t right about that.

Okay, once you remove the feline from your work area you can start on part two.  Unhook your straps from the handle and find the approximate area that you would want the blanket to fall on baby.  I chose right at the fold.  That isn’t too high or too low, and there’s plenty of blanket above the straps to tuck baby in.  Place a strip of velcro on each side where you want your straps to fasten.  Remember to make sure it is the opposite velcro type of whatever is on the loose end of the strap.


I wasn’t about to attempt this with the car seat cover on the seat.  Unless you enjoy a great deal of frustration, you probably shouldn’t either.  Just slip it off.  Now if by some chance the back of your velcro is sticky like mine was, I recommend taking some alcohol wipes and getting the gunk off, otherwise it will get all over your needle, thread, velcro, and hands (it comes through while you’re sewing).  Again, make sure that your ribbons reach far enough.

IMG_2752If everything looks good, you’re done!  Now you just have to keep your cats from making this their permanent sleeping place.  Click here to go to my project index.


~ by Ashlee on June 18, 2013.

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