31 weeks

Well, here’s to 31 weeks.  It is nearly over now.  I figured I may as well wait until after my appointment to update.  It has been a pretty mellow few weeks.  This pregnancy has flown by.  I really don’t want it to end so soon.  I like it.  It seems like the weeks go by as fast as days though.  I’m going to miss this little one being in there.  Everything is falling together.  I’m nearly done with the birthing classes now and am seeing my doctor every two weeks.

Speaking of, I never heard from the GD educator.  My doctor said she’d have someone look into it.  My last two appointments have been pretty standard.  My blood pressure is holding well in the 103/70 range and baby’s heart rate most often seems to be between 145 and 155.  I measured 30 weeks at both appointments as well.  The last ultrasound yielded really good news about my cervical length – it has gone from 2.64 to 3.7cm.  That really surprised me but I certainly have no complaints!  I have another ultrasound next week so hopefully that won’t crush my relief.  The good news is that baby’s lungs should be nearly finished maturing at this point.  I still want her to stay in long enough for her brain to reach full size and functionality, but if she didn’t she would hopefully be able to breathe on her own.

She has been really active, as usual.  She was head down for quite a while.  Her feet are still rubbing on my ribs though, and pushing out a lot more often.  Sometimes there is the hardest lump sticking up on my right side.  Right now my whole lower half is very solid, so I think she’s gone transverse.  I think I may have been releasing small amounts of mucous this past week.  I’m not sure if that is what I’m seeing or if it is something else.  I guess we’ll find out if I’m dilated when I see the OB surgeon next week.

I expected to start feeling fear or nervousness about labor and delivery at some point – goodness knows everyone tries their best to discourage and frighten you (no wonder women don’t believe in themselves anymore).  It is really pathetic and disappointing that women do that to other women when they should be supporting and encouraging them.  That is a whole other topic though, and I don’t want to climb up on my soap box right now.  So far I feel really calm about it.  I don’t have any illusions that it will be a walk in the park, but I’m not afraid.  I’m still aiming for a natural birth and am really content with that.  Of course I want to keep that feeling, so I’m very pointedly not talking to the people who have already proven they won’t support me, and the people who have no idea what they’re talking about but still have an opinion on everything.  I would much rather go into this with a positive attitude for both mine and my baby’s sake.  I’m not going to let selfish, unthinking people take that from my baby and I.

Really not much else is going on baby wise.  I was sewing a lot – I made a wrap top and some leg warmers – but I’ve essentially stopped dead now.  I ran out of projects to work on.  My jacket is ready to go minus one piece I have to buy fabric for, so I’m at a stand still on that.  I need to find some new ideas.  I printed off some Dr Seuss quotes and classic literature book covers for baby’s room whenever she has one.  There are a few I want to hang regardless, so those are ready to go.  John also has a really neat idea for a decoration that I can’t wait to try.  I’m thinking about starting to go for walks since I’m a little past jogging at this point.  I don’t enjoy sitting in the house alone all day.

John got a new job at a local factory, and I have an interview on Monday at Petco.  I don’t know that I really believe they’d hire me at 32 weeks pregnant but I can hope!  One of my cousins got married recently which is really exciting.  It seems like good things are coming for a change.  I sure hope it stays that way 🙂


~ by Ashlee on May 24, 2013.

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