28 weeks

A lot has gone on the past two weeks!  Well, not a lot I guess.  It sure feels like it, though.  I guess there’s just been a lot I’ve been excited about.  We went yard saleing for baby clothes and found some great deals.  In all we spent $30 on clothes and $10 on a few toys, which gave us a decent store of everything from newborn to 9 months!  There are even a few 9-12m items.  The most expensive were the winter suits which were a few dollars each.  Definitely worth it!

I also found two blanket/sheet sets, some adorable hats, and a few outfits online, the most exciting of which is this:

I’m really surprised to have found this in just the right size!  It’s super cute and in great condition.  Most importantly, only $2 🙂  It is just a bonus that Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I know we won’t be doing anything but sitting at home, but I still love it!

Me talking about clothes is weird, right?  I’m going to stop that now.  The most awesome thing was getting a surprise look at baby Zoltar.  I went in for my cervical measurement ultrasound not expecting much, but I got to watch little bitty for a while too!  The tech looked at her heart, kidneys, amniotic fluid, and blood flow; baby was in the “thinking” pose with her hand under her chin and one finger over her lips.  It looked like she was trying to get that finger in her mouth but she kept kicking her arm out of the way before she could manage it.  Her heart rate was about 156.  She is so much bigger!

I’m so glad her nose has moved “down” – before it looked like it was on her forehead!  I don’t know if that is my nose or if it just looks that way because babies are born with flat noses.  I guess we’ll find out in a few months!

Check out that foot comparison!  Just six weeks of growth.  Wow.  So far there has been no word on my cervical length so I’m hoping that means it’s still above 2.5.  I have gestational diabetes so we definitely don’t need more bad news to pile on top of everything so far.  As far as GD goes though, the medication is regulating me very well.  Thankfully that isn’t an issue I’ll have to battle much.  I’m expecting to hear from the educator next week.

I still feel really great emotionally and physically.  I have no real complaints now that the heartburn has disappeared.  I almost feel bad for having it so easy when some women get such difficult pregnancies.  I really love pregnancy though.  I’m kind of sad that it’s almost over.  I think I’m going to miss it!

I’m definitely looking pregnant now, at least when I’m standing up.  When I sit down it goes back to looking like fat.  I’ve gained a total of 9lbs so far which isn’t bad at all; only 2lbs in the past month.  I can still wear my ring too, so I guess I’m not swelling.

What a picture overload this entry is turning into!  Only one more, I promise.  I got my birth beads this week from the July DDC on justmommies.com.  I made up a quick bracelet with them 🙂  They’re supposed to remind you that you have support when you’re in labor.  Let’s hope for that!  I’m planning to put them in a shadow box with the other “birth stuff” when baby Zoltar is born.

I suppose I’ll finish up with another video – I got a much better one of baby Zoltar’s little kicks and jabs.  I’ll try to remember to update in a few weeks.  Hopefully it will all be good news!


~ by Ashlee on May 4, 2013.

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