26 weeks

It has been a really tumultuous few weeks pregnancy-wise!  I thought (hoped) I would be getting a cerclage, but as it turns out it was too late to do so.  Because it is so risky, the surgeon does not feel comfortable attempting one at this time.  Basically, that means we have to sit and hope that baby Zoltar will stay put long enough to be born healthy.  If my cervix gets too short before that’s possible, they will consider putting in an emergent cerclage, but for now there’s nothing to be done.  I got two steroid shots to mature the baby’s lungs and will now be considered high risk.

I also failed my one hour GT test, which means I get to do the three hour next week.  Gestational diabetes is just another issue baby does not need; it would increase the risk of early labor even more.  I’m really hoping the test doesn’t go poorly.

Baby Zoltar is certainly growing, lately.  I feel her moving all of the time, and she’s reached brand new heights in my abdomen.  It’s pretty cool.  I’m still not sure which end is the head and which is the feet, but the other night I did feel what I’m pretty sure was her head sitting in my lower stomach.  It’s even bigger now!  Just like daddy in that regard.  I don’t think I’ve grown much, but John insists I’m showing a lot now.


All of that aside, there isn’t much to tell.  My total weight gain so far is 7lbs which I think is pretty good.  I’ve been really tired, though; I guess that almost-third-trimester energy loss is kicking in.  I wish I could exercise but I don’t want to encourage Zoltar to come out any sooner than she wants to.

It’s storming pretty badly tonight; the tornado sirens were going off for hours and the wind was really bad.  Apparently it did a lot of damage in town.  I was at home though, just reading.  It took me a few hours but I finally got a video of Zoltar moving.  I missed the big bumps, but there are a few small ones.  You just have to look very closely.



~ by Ashlee on April 17, 2013.

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