24 weeks

Well, I have some bad news this week.  Things did not look as good on the ultrasound as I assumed.  Blessing dropped the ball (as usual); they forgot to measure my cervical length, and when my doctor requested the measurement it took them three weeks to get it to her.  She called last Thursday to let me know I have cervical incompetence and am in need of a cerclage.  The issue is that it’s very late to be putting one in, so I don’t know if they can.  I guess I’ll find out Thursday.

That aside, there isn’t much going on.  I’ve been feeling a lot of movement the past few weeks, and even seen and felt some from the outside.  Zoltar always seems to be awake between 12 and 4 in the afternoon and morning.  I guess that’s her sleeping pattern.  She gets very rambunctious sometimes!  My whole belly will shake.  That’s obviously because I’m fat, but it’s still pretty neat to see.

I picked up a nasty head cold on Easter so I’m exhausted right now.  I’m also not supposed to be doing much so I’ve spent most of my time reading and sewing.  Having all this time on my hands is driving me a little crazy, but it’s given me time to work on some projects.  I have some baby shirts in the making and finished a hat and jacket set.

No baby’s wardrobe is complete without tie dye and skulls.  We also bought the baby book and were given quite a few baby things in the past few weeks.  One friend made us a baby blanket and gave us two sleepers and bottles, and another gave us a bouncer, a jumper, a walker, a bumbo, a carrier, and two toys.  My parents also bought a super cute green and gray sleeper with a hat!  Things are really coming together 🙂

As always, the kitties had to help inspect all of our new gear 😉


~ by Ashlee on April 3, 2013.

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