Tie Dye Adorableness

If you’ve made clothes before, this project is pretty easy.  I didn’t use tutorials but I found this one for the jacket and this one for the hat after wards.

If you’re not the tutorial type, you can very simply do this on your own.  I started this with only a basic idea of what I wanted to do and how I would do it and it worked out just fine.  For any baby clothes in general, just grab a onesie, shirt, pants, hat, etc in whatever size you desire and trace them to make your pattern.

The hat is really simple.  My fabric was an old blanket, so it already had a casing sewn along the bottom that I could slide the elastic through.  That worked out wonderfully, and the same can be done with old shirts.  Cut out two half circles in the size you need (remember to allow additional space for seams) and hem.  If you have to make your own casings, don’t forget to cut extra fabric to allow for that.  Once your casings are done I would recommend sliding the elastic through and sewing the ends down first so you don’t lose them if your pins slip.  It’s very simply done with the safety pin method (can be found in this tutorial if you’re not familiar).  Remember, your elastic should be slightly shorter than your casing but not drastically shorter.  Once your elastic is secured, turn your half circles right side to right side (inside out if it were complete).  Sew them together around the round edge, flip right side out, and you’re done!  See?  Easy 🙂


Now for the jacket.  Place your outfit on a piece of paper and trace around it.  If your paper isn’t big enough, you can trace half of it.  I traced 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, and 12-18m ouftits to make my patterns.  Don’t forget to measure the collar as well – you’ll need to know how much space to leave open for the neck.  That is the easiest part.  For this I used 6-9.

I guestimated where the waist would be and worked from there.  Now take your paper patterns and draw/cut around them on your project fabric.  If you draw, either use something light or something that washes out.  I like yellow highlighters, but if that won’t show up I go to green.  Just to be safe it’s usually best to trace on the wrong side of the fabric in case the ink doesn’t come out completely.

I cut out the back in one piece and the front in two pieces for simplicity.  With small things like this it’s easy to cut the sleeves and body as one piece.  Remember sleeves aren’t set in stone so you can add a little extra space if you want.  Seams are always your first steps.  Like I said, my fabric used to be a blanket.  I cut my pieces from the edges so I had a little less sewing to do as far as seams.  Make sure you wait until after you’ve done your seams to measure for your zipper – you don’t want it to be too long.  Mine came out just a little short at 10 inches but that’s really not a problem.  It’s more comfortable for baby to leave some space at the top so zipper isn’t rubbing their chin.

Now you have to sew on the zipper and join front to back.  Of course it’s up to you what order you want to put your jacket together.  I sewed the zipper on first so I wouldn’t have to mess with all the extra fabric hanging around but you don’t have to.  Whatever order you choose, remember to zip the zipper sides up every once in a while to make sure they’re going to match up in the end.  If it doesn’t look like they will, don’t panic.  You can bunch up the longer side as you sew to “shorten” it to your needs.

The rest is easy enough.  Just like the hat, place your fabric right side to right side and sew together.  Don’t get caught up and sew it entirely closed – you need the bottom, neck, and sleeve ends open.  Once you’ve joined front to back and your zipper is attached, you’re done!  But I added an adorable skull patch for attitude 🙂

That’s all (I think)!  If I’ve missed anything feel free to shoot me some questions.  Click here to go to my project index.


~ by Ashlee on April 1, 2013.

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