21 weeks

We had our first ultrasound a few days ago. My doctor said she’d call if anything was wrong, so I wanted to wait a few days to share. So far, so good. It was really great finally getting to see our baby. 21 weeks seemed like such a long wait. I won’t lie, she totally looks like Skeletor. She was being stubborn so we got to watch her a little longer for the effort required. She was kicking the wand, and then put her arms in front of her face. It looked like she was dropping right hooks at the wand. It was pretty cute.

It’s so amazing to see the different organs and bones, and the coolest thing (in my opinion) is that you can see the division of the brain hemispheres! Yea, I’m a nerd. They weren’t quite satisfied with the heart pictures so they spent some extra time on that. It’s really fascinating to watch a heart beat – her heart rate was 156. We also got to see a yawn and thumb sucking; the tech made a short video clip of those.

They did forget to tell me how long she is and how much she weighs and I forgot to ask. My main concern at the time was that she was healthy. I’m so relieved that everything looked normal (to me). The tech didn’t seem concerned over anything either. Hopefully I won’t get any surprise calls regarding that. Here are a few pictures – the third is linked to the videos.


~ by Ashlee on March 15, 2013.

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  1. LOVE!!!!

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