16 weeks

Today was THE day – the one I’ve been anticipating.  I met my new doctor and got to hear baby’s heart beat 🙂

It seems like the past 12 weeks have been a lifetime.  I waited so long just to have something tangible – more than a piece of paper saying I’m pregnant.  Some proof that this baby is ok.  I won’t say I’m thrilled I had to wait, but man am I glad for this day.  I can stop worrying that something is wrong and just enjoy myself.  What a relief!

Ok, enough gushing.  To the facts.  The heartbeat was 150-155; the doctor had to work for it.  Zoltar was being very evasive, but in the end sat still long enough for us to get a good listen.  I thought surely I’d have a hard time picking it out but it was so fast I knew it couldn’t be mine.  It was one of those moments that wipes your mind clear of everything else.  I must have been tempted to listen to it again ten times tonight.

All else was good news as well.  I’m measuring a perfect 16cm.  I think that must be a recent development; last night while trying to fall asleep I noticed I felt the firmness higher than it ever had been before.  The firmness is just below the surface so I don’t think it will be too long before I start poofing out.  My blood pressure was also great – 117/79.  That’s a higher bottom number than usual but it’s still in good standing.  And I’ve only gained 5lbs in 16 weeks – woo hoo 🙂  Ok, the fact that I gained 5lbs kind of got to me at first.  I was so proud of the 10 I lost.  But I know it’s good weight, and in truth it isn’t much at all for nearly half a pregnancy.

I’m always nervous meeting new people, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like doctor Weis.  She was nice, honest, informative, she listened to me, and seemed to genuinely care what I said.  She even pulled a dermatologist in to get a second opinion on the rash I’ve had for the past six weeks.  Can I say holy cow, it feels nice that my baby and I finally matter!  To top that off, even though they both think I have pregnancy induced eczema, she ordered a blood test on my gall bladder just in case.  Did you read that?  She didn’t just blow it off as probably this or nothing to worry about.  She actually wants to know for sure!  I am happily stunned.  The fact that I’m so easily impressed is a statement in itself to my previous doctors standard of care.  I remember now why I liked being a patient at QFP before – the overall quality of care is so much better than at Blessing.

I was also an instant fan of the woman who drew my blood.  She was wearing neon green scrubs.  She complimented my glasses, and I her scrubs – green being both our favorite color – and some conversation revealed that we are both due in July.  How neat is that? 🙂

Our measurement/ screening/ gender ultrasound will be scheduled at my next appointment in March.  That combined with the heartbeat and the baby stuff that was so generously given to me today has made this baby feel so much more real.  It’s hard to believe that I’m nearly half way through this pregnancy, and I am so ready for the second half.  I think it’s all uphill from here!

Baby’s heartbeat


~ by Ashlee on February 9, 2013.

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