Christmas Tree, Ho

This month has revealed some extra treats for the kitties.  Of course they were supposed to be for us, but anyone who has cats knows everything is really about them.

Being their first christmas, they were quite excited when I dug out the tree.  They helped me from unpack to assembly.

Then came the almost immediate loss of my holiday spirit.  The cats knocked over and bent the tree – which we have had for seven years.  It was a bit of a downer for me.  I took down our tree and all of our decorations, certain that christmas was not for me this year.  As part of operation get my christmas spirit back, we got our very first real tree.  Wicked, right?


The kitties approved.  Once again, they had to contribute.  We certainly couldn’t have gotten it done without them.


11-13-12 (5)

After a lot of light testing, sorting, chasing them off, and finally decorating, we have a sort of okay looking christmas tree for this holiday season.  Thanks kitties.



~ by Ashlee on December 8, 2012.

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