Cat Toy

If your cats are anything like mine, they’re lazy and easily bored.  We have six bell-balls, two laser lights, and a multitude of boxes and home made toys for them.  Nothing keeps them engaged for long.  Fortunately easily bored often also means easily entertained, if only for a short time.

I read somewhere that cats will spend as much time eating as they would hunting for food in the wild.  I thought, “No wonder they’re so fat.”  As the late night hours often do, this evenings brought me an antsy feeling, along with a little bit of inspiration.  I pooled some house hold items and threw together a toy.

Following are the items required for this adventure: Two mcdonalds cups, string, more string (or something dangly), a pen, scissors, and a thumb tack.  I think that the picture is quite enough; the project is simple enough.  However in case your imagination is tired, I’ll list the brief steps involved.

11-26-12 (1)

First you’ll want to poke a hole in the top of cup 1.  This will be where you thread the string by which the toy hangs.  Tie a knot on one end of the string and pull it through.  If you like you can tie something to the end of the string that’s on the inside (I chose a clothes pin).  This will keep the string from being pulled out in case the knot fails.  Next you simply cut an opening in the side – this will allow you to refill the toy with food (see center photo).  Now take cup 2 and poke/cut/jab (whatever works) some small holes in the bottom.  Small is precisely what I mean – enough so that you can tie holes on one end of the string and they won’t pull through (see left photo).  Remember, these will be the initial tools of enticement.  They need to be able to take a whooping.  After your strings are secured, you’ll want to make larger holes.  Holes the size of a piece of cat food is most desirable (see right photo).  If you want to break up the food so that it falls through the holes more easily, that works as well.  Finally, take the cups open end to open end and tape them together.  A strong tape would be best.  All that’s left is to submit the toy for their approval.

11-26-12 (2)

As is to be expected, my cats were initially completely uninterested.  I had to spin it around a few times to get their attention.

11-26-12 (8)

However, my cats are especially lazy.  They wouldn’t play with it until I set a chair out for them.

11-26-12 (11)

Even then it took some persuading.  They’ve had their share of dangly toys, so they got bored fairly quickly.

11-26-12 (13)

11-26-12 (15)

However when they realized it was flinging food at them, all was well.

11-26-12 (17)


~ by Ashlee on November 26, 2012.

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