6 weeks

Ah, week 6.  I didn’t think I’d have anything new to write about so soon.  There have been some small changes and I want to get in the habit of writing every week or two, so here I am.  News on the baby front is as follows –

New symptoms are slowly but surely showing up.  On black friday I was at work and morning sickness reared it’s ugly head.  I went on my lunch break, ate left over stuffing, and promptly expelled it into a toilet.  I spent the better part of the next hour going to and from said toilet before it finally eased.  The next day I ate half of my lunch only to uneat it before it even hit my stomach.  I ate the second half immediately after with no issues.  Weird!

Next comes the B word – boobs.  Man do they hurt.  It’s not as bad as I always imagined when reading about tenderness, but my cats will have to stop camping out on my chest in the mornings.  I’m already dreading having to acquire new bras.  Since I’m not taking any pregnancy pictures yet, I decided to measure my waist – I’m huge.  I knew that already, though.  Even after losing 10lbs I’m 44 1/2 inches around.  Ugh.

The bloat is back.  Gas has such a vengeance.  The past two days I’ve felt like a constipated hot air balloon.  Since water doesn’t seem to be helping much I’ve decided it’s ok for me to have my occasional McDonalds sweet tea treats again.  What apparently is not ok is cheese.  Last night I was eating my ranch snack wrap and the taste of the cheese triggered the urge to vomit.  Even thinking about it is making my stomach turn.  If this keeps up my doctors advice to avoid dairy isn’t going to be an issue.

Speaking of food, I’m suddenly starving.  I had better eat something and get back to work.  Procrastination isn’t on todays to-do list!  On that note though, is pinteresting a symptom?  Hmm..


~ by Ashlee on November 26, 2012.

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