Simple Dress & Bandana

As number two in the series of summer dresses for Zoey, her mom wanted a basic trapezoid with straps.  The bandana came out of the fabric I had left over after cutting the dress parts.  On a side note, you should not let your cat help you with this project.  Good intentions do not always equal good results.

This is a very simple project.  It was fast, easy, and needs few explanations 🙂  I’m only going to touch on the bandana and the dress back in this entry.  However if you’d like some more in depth guidelines you can find a similar tutorial here.

I quickly found out that a dress this shape is very different.  The scrunchy top dress had an almost square shape to the upper section, whereas this dress slopes slowly out towards the bottom.  That means less space to get a childs head through the neckline.  I’d recommend keeping that in mind when cutting, but since I didn’t I had to make a last minute modification.

The first thing I did was make a small cut in the center of the dress back.  Crazy, right?  Like I said, last minute.  Rather than hemming the sides (I really didn’t have the fabric to spare) I took some scrap fabric from this dress and sewed hems over the edges.  I also sewed these false hems together at the bottom to keep the dress from ripping down.  It looks like this, minus the snap.

Step two was to add some kind of closure device.  Since I only have snaps, that’s what I went with.  I’m going to invest in buttons one day, I swear.  On a side note, try not to sew either of the sides on backwards like I did.  It will save you time.  In the end this is what you should have –

Next comes the bandana.  The bandana is probably as basic as it gets.  It’s a large (larger than you think it should be at first) triangle with ribbon sewed to the bottom.  There was only one thing I didn’t follow in regard to the pattern (bought at walmart) – the ties.  It seemed like a waste of fabric to make one long tie that went all the way across, so I cut two shorter pieces and sewed them on the ends.  Really no big deal but it saves you time and I imagine it’s more comfortable.  And there you have it, a dress and bandana set.  Enjoy.

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~ by Ashlee on August 6, 2012.

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