Junk Drawer to Awesome Drawer

One thing I love about our new kitchen is that we have drawers galore.  In fact we have enough drawers to make a place for every kind of thing – it’s great!  However one drawer quickly became a catch-all for stuff that didn’t belong anywhere else.

Talk about chaos.  It was a constantly-shifting disaster.  No matter where I put things, they never stayed because each time the drawer was opened, everything rolled to the back.  I’m not particularly fond of fishing things out of the great dark beyond where spiders may live.  I decided the madness had to end.  I was pondering ideas and I remembered our spare silverware holder.  It all clicked in my mind.  If it organizes silverware so well, why not miscellaneous stuff?  I dug it out and about five minutes later..

Hooray!  Order reigns supreme once again.  Click here to go to my project index.


~ by Ashlee on February 15, 2012.

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