Map Mail Holder

This project was super easy and really needs no explanation.  I got the tutorial here, but it really wasn’t necessary.  The directions are very good though!  This is a perfect addition to our house, because our mail generally gets thrown on the closest surface (and lost).  It’s not so big as to be in the way, but perfect size for our bills.  Here’s my finished product:

It’s nothing particularly awesome, but it serves its purpose.  I will note two things – instead of using scrapbook papers I used road maps from an old travel guide.  I thought it was a fitting look.  I also affixed a small magnet to the front of the box to give it some bottom weight.  Some mail can be a bit thick so I thought it would help to keep it from tipping over.

That’s all!  Click here to go to my project index.


~ by Ashlee on February 8, 2012.

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