I’ve always had a love for crafts, but I’ve never been a particularly crafty person.  I watched my aunt make all kinds of things over the years but didn’t partake in the process.  Recently I’ve been trying to be a happier and healthier person; part of that means finding more ways to occupy my time.  After getting our apartment (mostly) set up I was really craving an outlet for my creativity, so I started on three new projects!  Here’s the first:

Curtain rings.  Mom gave me a set of curtains for our living room until we can afford to buy some better ones, and John’s first remark was, “Those are some ugly ass curtains.”  Great start!  (I’m not a fan of floral patterns either, so I won’t argue.)

They aren’t horrid, but they aren’t a forever thing, either.  I really didn’t like the look of them just hanging there.  When I was a kid we always had thick ropes to hold our floor-to-ceiling curtains and I always loved the way they looked when they were tied back.  It was so elegant.  Lacking any ropes I decided I could craft a way to hold them back in a more visually appealing way.  I like the look of silver anything and my mom has a big bag of broken and discarded jewelry for crafts, so I dug in!

The whole thing kind of fell together while I was digging through the pile.  I found some long pieces of a broken waist chain I liked (top right) and two sets of broken earrings that fit my vision perfectly.  It took some time getting a few extra rings off bits of jewelry to secure the earring pieces – a screwdriver is not the best tool for such activities.  I definitely wasn’t lacking in frustration when I had to substitute a wire stripper for pliers to close the rings with very little lee-way.  I said more than a few swear words.  I got it done though!

The next step was to secure the rings to the wall so they wouldn’t simply fall to the floor.  Luckily my dad bought me a picture hanging pack so I had some square hooks to suit my purpose.  I don’t know what they’re actually called so I’ll include a picture.

I don’t guess I need to explain this part of it, but I will because I learned something that can save someone mass frustration: attach the earring rings to the hooks before you put them in the wall!  As you can see, these are small and short.  Attempting to use wire strippers to secure a tiny ring (already attached to the chain) when the hook is in the wall is virtually impossible.  I ended up taking them back out to secure the rings for the sake of my sanity.  By the way, I couldn’t twist them in the wall by hand – fortunately they’re durable, so I hammered them in with ease.

I chose small charms because I don’t like gaudy things, but anything would do.  It all depends on your taste.  I chose the moon-shaped charms and two U-shaped earring hooks to create an easy clasp mechanism (for when we replace the “ugly ass” fabric) – alternately, would be good in case you want to close your curtains.  Some people do that.

Ta-da!  Click here to go to my project index.


~ by Ashlee on February 6, 2012.

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