Its time for me to apologize again to anyone who has me on their watch list.  I have three months of pictures I need to edit and upload!  I’m not feeling up to doing too many at once so it will go a little more slowly than last time.  Thank you in advance for looking!——————
I’m thinking of starting a new side project.  I have some running goals for my “music to pictures” project (if you don’t know about it and you are curious, just ask, I could use some help), but since I’m so desperate for a challenge I got a new idea today.  I think it was inspired by the DA news article one of my photos was featured in [link] would still need requests of course, but it would certainly narrow down the field and up the challenge factor.I haven’t sorted through it much, but so far the general idea is this: you pick a color, and an item to be photographed together.  The color and the item can be related, but obviously don’t necessarily have to be.  If you have any contributions I’d love to hear them!
Listening to: Mars Volta – Vermicide
Reading: James Blinn – The Aardvark is Ready for War

~ by Ashlee on September 11, 2009.

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