New Camera

I was shooting in a cemetery today with my mom and noticed my camera wasn’t quite right.  When I turned it off, one of the lenses wouldn’t close.  I couldn’t get it slid back out so I took it back and swapped it.  I’m glad they still carried the same model because I would have missed this one.  I have had a handful of cameras and this has got to be my second favorite one of all time (second only to my Canon Rebel K2).  Its wonderful in every setting and has everything I need.  I also feel like I am just learning to really control it.

In other technology news, our computer is acting up really badly.  It shuts off whenever something with high CPU usage is running.  We’re pretty positive our power supply is dying.  So as you can imagine, uploading is slow and editing is even slower (I use PSP 11).  I’ve got two days worth of pictures backed up so I’m working on it slowly.  For those of you who follow my photo stream, I went to my moms house and did second shoots on her chessboard and her front porch.  They didn’t turn out as well as the originals (in my opinion) but I still enjoyed it.  So I will be uploading those, along with the other pictures I took yesterday and the pictures from the cemetery today.

Listening to: Dyzv0r – Paths

Reading: Naomi Klein – The Shock Doctrine


~ by Ashlee on March 23, 2009.

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