Day 264

I was bored at work so I decided to clean the fountain soda machine. Most people don’t know how these things work, and so have no idea that they should be cleaned every night. However, most businesses don’t even really care and it rarely gets done.

This is Pepsi and Mt Dew. All of that gunk is black, green, and gray mold, and its all over every fountain head. Whats even more disgusting is that when the parts have been cleaned, the soda tastes different. If you were wondering, yes your soda touches these parts. Lovely, huh? It begs the question, whats in your fountain soda?

Listening to: Modest Mouse – Karma Payment Plan
Reading: “Path of Daggers” by Robert Jordan

Today’s featured art is: “Obsession” by Zemotion.


~ by Ashlee on August 26, 2008.

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