Day 250

John was nice enough to take us to Louisiana to visit my family today. Thanks sweetie! I know he was totally bored but he stuck it out for five hours to make me happy. I love visiting my family there, its so relaxing. Not to mention I hardly get to go there anymore because money is short. Anyway, we visited at Nanny’s (my grandma) house for a few hours. My cousin Jessie stopped by while we were there, it was good to see her! And on our way out of town we stopped by my cousin Mike’s house. Its his sons birthday so we came by at just the right time! I’m glad we got to visit, I really missed everyone!

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Reading: “Path of Daggers” by Robert Jordan
Today’s featured art is: “37” by Dyzv0r.


~ by Ashlee on August 12, 2008.

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