I think I once mentioned that the gas station is a world in itself. Those words are definitely true. My crowd of customers hasn’t changed much in my job change – the cops and lawyers and judges have been replaced by my neighbors and friends. They call 12th street “Ghetto Gas.” I’m sure you can guess why. Due to the location, the cops don’t come unless they’re called. That kind of makes me sad – I miss talking to them all night long! Believe it or not some of our cops are pretty cool. However, my customers are mostly people I’m on a good basis with. You have to be there to understand, but if you live in the neighborhood (or work at the station), you know pretty much everyone. Friendliness is the general feeling of the neighborhood. I have a hard time making it home from work without stopping to talk four or five times. Like I said, you have to live here to understand.

All day long at work you’ll see the same people over and over, and every day, generally for the same things (cigarettes, cigarillos, alcohol, soda, lottery tickets…) Life in the area pretty well revolves around the gas station. I don’t have too many complaints, that’s why I wanted this job!

And so….

One bag of cheesy popcorn later, I’ve gotten two entries typed up! Its amazing what Chesters can give you the *zow* for. So whats next? I think some Halo is in order.


~ by Ashlee on August 2, 2008.

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