Day 89

I guess that this recent string of myspace identity thefts can mean only one thing: I am the shit! Really. Why else would somebody steal my gayspace identity twice in one month? Kind of sad, don’t you think? I must be pretty damn amazing. Whats really sad is that the person who did it has two profiles of himself! Interesting!! Well, I guess I’ll just have to quit being so super-cool, because everybody wants to be me, and its becoming a problem. I suppose I could start a fan club or something, maybe that would make them feel better! Ahh, my adoring fans.

For the sake of information sharing (the purpose of the internet, am I right?), here is one of the profiles that belong to the person who likes to be me:

I’m not sure which “person” on the friends list is the original impostor, but I’m pretty sure none of them are real. How sad does it get?

Today’s featured art is: “March” by L-i-z.


~ by Ashlee on March 4, 2008.

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