7:00 pm, I wake up on the couch to my phone vibrating. I thought, ‘why is it going off already? the last time I woke up it was not even five, I had set out to start my two-hour nap at four-thirty, and I haven’t been asleep for that long. have I? somebody must be calling. stupid fucks should know I have no minutes.’

No, brutal reality wins and it’s seven. My face feels like a cardboard box. Little did I know that the new arrangement of our living room placed my sleeping face directly in the evening sun. This inspires a short time to sit outside on the step to watch the neighborhood fade into night (which of course my camera completely botched as far as the beauty is concerned). As soon as I’m up to it, one of these days, I’m going to traipse around the neighborhood and get some close-up shots of the things I’ve photographed from my house, and some other things I can’t see from here.

Meanwhile, Roxy takes a wrecking ball to the house, and I leave this computer to download music, which I must put in alphabetical order on the winamp playlist. John likes them that way too. The silly, funny things of living together.

Since I’m already here, I feel like discussing it. On September 3rd, we’ll have been together for a year. I’ll tell you, it’s like one big wow. We’ll have been living together for eight months when September starts. That’s another one of those big ass wows to me. I’ve been thinking about it all week and every time I do it shocks me and when I toy with the idea for a while, I honestly think it makes me love him even more.

So, the next time my phone vibrates me awake via alarm, I’ll probably already be awake, because that will be on our one year anniversary.
Now I want to daydream.


~ by Ashlee on August 29, 2005.

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