Human incompetence

It never ceases to show itself. By the way, I’m home… As ever-present as it proves to be, incompetence is a talent reserved, it seems, especially for humans. After all, if my dog is stupid (and she is) she is not considered incompetent. She’s just stupid. More specifically, she’s Roxy. Furthermore, if Roxy herself were considered incompetent, it wouldn’t matter. Her only “jobs” would be laying on the couch, eating, sleeping, defecating, urinating, and licking people (although today she did catch a mouse. Is she really a dog?). Why wouldn’t it matter? When a dog, cat, rat, hamster, or whale proceeds to be incompetent, if that is possible, nobody dies. Small babies don’t pass away, the elderly aren’t allowed to commit hospital suicide, children or the geriatric don’t wander in the path of oncoming cars, or drive, planes don’t crash, shuttles don’t explode, VD isn’t spread, car accidents don’t happen, the dumb do not speak, and some people don’t get elected to offices of power. All examples provided, it is clear that incompetence fills our disgusting, humanly ways. We’re fucked. Why is it so hard to be competent?


~ by Ashlee on August 25, 2005.

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