I truly do love you!

So, it’s not really weird being out of town again, but it kind of is for a holiday. Then again, I haven’t lived with John for any holidays except st patrick’s day. Soooooooo, I’m here, visiting my family. Wooo hoo. I don’t understand how “vacation” and “Iowa” can possibly be similar, since we live in Illinois and all…

uhh… oh well.

I know it’s been awhile since I featured a reoccurring list on my diary, but I can honestly say that I simply haven’t found anything of interest lately that I could update quite often. I remember the days of the 101 Ways to Annoy a Fascist… and the days of Proof that the World is Crazy… those were good days but they were by themselves after they both ended. Sadness.

And as my cousin sits on my lap watching me type and occasionally typing a word he knows how to spell for me, I think, am so happy right now. I really really am. That could be because I’m on prozac, which I haven’t taken for at least a month, or it could be because I am enjoying such good company. We read a Dr Suess book today before we went to the Mall here. Really, it’s better than the one back home. Screw the Quincy Mall. And as I was walking up and down and around and around with him on my shoulders, he would *superstar* his arms into the air and exclaim a line from the Dr Suess book. There were probably five in particular he kept saying, which, ironically, are probably my favorite five out of the book itself, and always have been.

“So if you wish to wish a wish you may swish for fish with my Ish wish dish”
“He likes to wink and drink pink ink”
“In yellow socks i box my Gox i box in yellow Gox box socks”
“A Zans for cans is very good.l have you a Zans for cans? you should”
“A Nook cant read so a Nook cant cook, SO what good to a Nook is a hook cook book?”

So now he’s kind of deliriously tired and telling me about Wumps and green ham. I think he’s confused, but it’s okay. Which somehow gets me to thinking of the memory, of the day he and I were walking in the mall, and he was holding my hand and I was so happy, and he just kept singing the same line over and over… “We’re all stars now. In the Dope Show!” And every time he’d say the last two words he’d jump forward really fast and giggle hysterically. B)


~ by Ashlee on March 25, 2005.

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