Checking in again

Oh yeah!! how the hell can i forget…i saw ASHLEE todaaay. damn it was nice to see her. she works at burger king now…..we walked in, mom pointed, and my eyes were blurry, so i squinted…saw John, and i knew that was ashlee there with him…and when she noticed me calling her name…she turned around and said Geri! lol…then we gave each other a big big hug..and i almost fell over lol…yeah i know, mushy gushy…well fuck off..i haven’t seen her since Christmas Eve, i miss the hell out of my best friend. so yeah..we sat down and talked and joked about things while waiting for my mom. it felt really good to see her again though.” – Geri

Yes indeed! I must say that after the day I had at work that day, I was overjoyed to see my Chewbaka. I nearly tackled her with that hug and my co-workers continued to laugh about it. It was funny too. It felt good. Love ya buddy. ^.^

Hmm. Well… any updates? We’re pretty well fully moved in now. I have blue hair. Spork has once again died my hair varying shades of blue and green and I must say I like it.

Today is my letter writing day…
Joseph moved out of his house too…

Today at my orientation… they were talking about the rights of the residents of the home.. on a video and towards the end it said that the residents have the right to their own form of sexual pleasure…. that the nurses have to bring in playboys with their mail if the residents want it.. or have to go rent rated X movies for them….. just need to remind them to close their curtain to respect their roommate” -Joseph

“Piles of bodies.

Where do we learn to hate each other like this?” John

Meg. Dearie. Love ya. Truthfully, sincerely hope you’re doing well.


~ by Ashlee on January 26, 2005.

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