Qué significa tan poco a usted

As mentally distraught as I may feel, I can type a few happy things.

I went to visit Brixon and Nicole. He is such a darling – he always has been. 🙂 He’s such a cutie, and what a sweetheart. Now I’ve trapped his picture in my wallet and I can stop calling Phillip to remind him. I think (Nicole’s brother) Steven is very smart for his age.

Afterwards I went with Lauren so she could get a tour for her new job. Not only was it fun, but I saw Geri there. Go figure. Following that we went to retrieve JohnJohn and went back to Aaron’s house to watch Kung Pow. It turned out better than I thought it would be – I laughed my ass off, actually.

Yesterday-wise, Lauren and I rode around after school for about two hours doing nothing but talking and exploring new roads in this silly little town. When we knew John would be out of school we went to see him. We got to watch him clean out the bird bath which made me laugh uncontrollably. He kept saying the water was freezing and his mom called him a wimp, which made both Lauren and I laugh uncontrollably.

Continuing, we went to see Juan and then sat to watch Half-baked all night.


~ by Ashlee on November 11, 2004.

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