more emergency room, no Dr. Cox

Well, it appears that neither Geri nor I went to school on Friday. That’s okay. We were both emotionally cracking.

While I was sitting in the emergency room tonight, I decided that if anybody hassles me agian about not going to school I’m going to do one of two things: quit talking to them immediately and retract into myself until they realize I’m not in the conversation anymore or…
completely explode.

That’s just how I feel, and people should respect that. It is my current state emotionally.

I really wish I could go and see the train right now. I can hear it, but its too far away to walk to. That’s okay. I enjoy hearing it too.

The emergency room is an interesting place. For some reason I always laugh when I’m in there – even if its for three and a half hours. And thank you Geri for going there with me. It felt a lot better to hug a friend when I got out. While I may have been laughing, I was scared to hear what would be wrong with me. “Breathing problems are nothing to mess around with.”

OoOo, coa-coa. Okay. Yeah. I think I have the motivation now. Haha. Happy eight a.m.!


~ by Ashlee on October 24, 2004.

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