Today was another one of those days where I questioned, for a class or two, why I even came back to school today. I’m terribly sorry, Mrs Bergman, that I can never do any single thing right enough for you. I don’t really want to live up to your expectations anymore. They’re just not me.

Other than that and Walgreens being faggelas, its been a wonderful day. Lunch & Auto Tech in particular. Yey.

Time to e-mail my paper to Mr Steinke and go to Walgreens……

I saw, on every side, a spreading plain of lamentation and atrocious pain

Whatever pleases you to hear and speak will please us, too, to hear and speak with you..

Thus we made our way down to the fourth ditch, to take in more of that despondent shore where all the universe’s ill is stored.


~ by Ashlee on October 18, 2004.

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