Log out again

Geri Geri Geri Geri Geri my friend. I love you. Very much. Don’t forget that.

If it comes to it – with all goodness it won’t – of course you can stay with me. No worries. I think everything will be fine.

Thank you for the hug today. It helped. Sorry I left you all alone in study hall. I couldn’t stay at school any longer. It was too much.

You dove into my hurt. Why can’t somebody just take us all away from here. Get rid of all of this.

Do tell me the lyrics.

I must go.

It feels alright to write again, but then on the other hand, I feel like killing myself again. What am I to do about that? Nothing. Sit here and be solitary and hope I have self-control.

If two people sit on either side of a problem, and neither makes an effort to solve it…

the problem remains.

I’m far too depressed to attempt to solve any problem.

Where the fuck does the singing bush get all that energy, I wonder sometimes.

Brr. Its cold.


~ by Ashlee on October 14, 2004.

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