Grinch, Aladdin, County Market, line dancing

School does indeed fuck with the entry-completing flow, Brooke. Along the endless rainbow again.

I’m sitting here, (duh), and I can’t stop myself from thinking about the fact that some people can’t help but hate me. It doesn’t matter whether they know it or not, its true.

Of course my lip ring snapped today because of some dumb ass, but its okay. I’m cool with all of that jazz.

I’m probably going to the concert alone tonight, or not at all, depending on who hates me today and who calls me today. Am I a vegetarian? No.

I soooooooo got my Ozzy hoodie back today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for anybody who doesn’t know what that’s all about…
I heart Ozzy. Two years ago, my uncle Joe took me to spencers and bought me an Ozzy hoodie. It is the coolest thing ever, of course. And then, just last school year, it mystically disappeared. Nobody could track it down. No trace of it was ever found. The house was turned upside-down in search of this hoodie.
Today, at school, Geri says “Dood, I have something for you!” And she hands my hoodie to me! Dood! It was in her closet all along. What the fuck? But SWEEEEET!!! I can’t wait to make it smell like a mixture of smokt, my friends, and auto tech. ^.^

I so learned how to line dance today. One of my dreams is accomplished! I also learned that it takes eight people to square dance, somehow. So maybe that one will have to wait. And they were playing most awesome music in gym today. Yay good music! Super hooray.

After two days this week of not crying at all, I broke down today and cried my eyes out in auto tech. I think I scared them all or something. Oh well.

And of course again, what else do I do when I know nobody will understand me but retract into myself. But people wouldn’t understand that either, simply because they’re perfect and they never hurt, insult, be rude to, or ignore me. No worries. It would have just been stupid to attempt to explain it and I was hoping you wouldn’t be there when I walked out. I just couldn’t take that kind of irritation.

Then you know, my parents are being gay and fighting, as always. And they make it a point to bring it very close to home and make sure I know its going on. What the hell. Oh well. Screw them with a dead cat.


~ by Ashlee on October 1, 2004.

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