franed redometrue slog

Indeed. You will need your MP for him. I don’t know what happened when I got in there. At first, I couldn’t cast any magic. Then I kept playing with it and reentered quite a few times, and discovered something had restored my ability to cast with Fidel. Obviously I couldn’t follow any recommendations with that. Every place I know of will tell you mudslide. I’m going to tell you that I beat him with numbered casts of fire attacks against him. I don’t know what level they were on or which one I used, but it was a fire attack from Fidel. And the monster died just like that. In the next few areas, I know you, you can find your way. You’ll get to the escalators. Take the left one. If you noticed before, there is a room with a button that you can’t get to. Well, you can solve that problem. Left is always good, even if its backwards.

Yay Watts!!!! Life is good. This guy is just everywhere. I’m going to marry him. *heart* By this time you should have a ton of orbs for your weapons. Hooray. If you’re as much like me as I fully believe you are, you probably just go through every weapon until you can’t upgrade them anymore. That works. Its actually the most effective way ever. But if you get tired of that, like me, just look to see which ones of your weapons are in color. That means they have orbs waiting. Anyway.

Yes. Red, blue, yellow, green. Don’t forget it. Its super cool. Confused as to where to go now? Well… me too, damn it. Haha. Don’t ever forget that you can walk through walls sometimes. Or really, what appear to be walls. Please don’t bother fighting the birds unless you’ve mastered them or something. They’re just annoying. Once you figure out what I meant by the appear-to-be walls, you’ll be able to navigate rather easily. I could, even when I was SOM “Green.” You’re really better off running past your enemies unless you’re trying to up weapon or magic levels.
And hey! Look at all the pretty colors on the wall. Those colors seem familiar. How corny. So, where are you now? The fuck if I know, geez. It looks like what would be a subway to me. But hell, you live in NY. You’d know better than I would. Don’t waste too much of your time fighting. It won’t get you anywhere. Dash through as best you can. Avoid shape shifters, wolf spitters, ducks, and birds, as always. Note there are two H shaped figures and a closed gate. We all know how SOM is with hidden buttons. FFffffff. Look who we found!

Yes Kettle Kin. Nice name, right? Make social jokes about it and move on. But tell them to me first. I like your jokes. Really, this guy is a joke. Even being unconcious the entire time I beat his ass in less than a minute. Kill him and get on with your life. Gotta love those orbs you know. There go the boss and the boys. Funny looking fellows. I really hate those wolves. And those swords. By the way, you’re looking for a door. Don’t even have to use any stairs! Just a door. At this point.. well…… ew. I can’t cast anything on the orbs, because something took all of my little Pedro’s MP away. So.. I had to use the rope to go back to the beginning, then I called Flammie to fly somewhere where I could get a hold of some MP restoring stuff. Tragic as hell. I landed in Northtown and went to a shop and got myself three good old faerie walnuts. One for good measure, two for the two magic characters. Afterwards I had 188,797gp and I was happy. Tiger Caps are a wonderful thing if you’re playing regular. I called Flammie back, and flew to the island again. For my own information, Northtown is sparkly-movey to the south of the island. So fly north! And turn the music up. Ahh… nothing like rediscovering all of the bad things about giving your co-team attack patterns. And even though it gives you bad memories of when you realized your friend doesn’t want to be your friend at that gay ass event called hOmecoming, whatever. Retrace the steps you used before. Phone. Answer it. Oh… its QU. How did they get my number? Ahh its good to use the gnome again. Really, don’t even bother fighting those swords. And ya know what, I know it tells me I hear a distant sound… but you know what? I don’t hear shit. Those fuckers are lying to me. I know they are. Soo… why do you think that room is red…… hmmmm…. But, specifically, fireball is what you want to use.
Of course, then you want to use shade, and then lucent beam on the next set. Really its all so irritating. After that it seems like you have nowhere else to go. I know it does. I asked Kris what to do. There’s a staircase somewhere that wasn’t there before. Look all around. Don’t forget to equip your whip! That sounds like a commercial.
Ug! So many orbs!
The only advice I’ll give you is try using the analyze first. Otherwise, I used fire.

Of course, the emperor is a loser and he’s dead now. What else would come next but the UGLIEST woman I have EVER seen. Alright, she’s not a woman. So? She’s still ugly…
Once again, double casting is your friend and she hates fire. And you know, if you watch, when you get pygmized, you look really funny casting spells. Especially pedro. It may feel like it takes time but meh. She’s weak. And you have fire. Have fun with it.

You’ll find that Mr. Familiar doesn’t like it when you hit him, and he doesn’t hide it well. He’s really more of an endurance test, too. He’s just silly.
Ohhh… sadness. The island is sinking again. Damn them. By the way, wasn’t Jema on there? Go see if he’s alive. We may as well. The Pure Land is hard to miss. It’s a giant island, and you’ve never been there before I bet. It looks kind of like a volcano. You’ll get a message as soon as you land, that’s how you know you’re at the right place. Anyway. We all know how wonderful magic is. Use it! Chain casting is a wonderful friend. Honestly. He’s called a SNOW dragon. What do you think is going on here.

Of course…. all firey colored like that. He looks just like spring beak. Love that sprite. Just have to. Yes… this part of the game is just filled with fighting, fighting, and orbs. A few good powered up gnome attacks will get rid of your gigas. Yes I love sitting there and letting it tell me how good I am. And now that I’ve rekindled my love with Holy Wood, I’m feeling mighty fine tonight. Continue abusing your gnome powers. They’re all bulky for me, so its super good that hes gnome-sensative. yay. He’s easily killed. Be patient with the gates. Don’t forget to read about how cool you are!
Don’t avoid saving! Its GOOD.
I’m going to allow some time lapse here, just like the game. Hahaha. Muahahahahahahahahaha.


~ by Ashlee on September 21, 2004.

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