Be prepared. Fly to the Mana Fortress in the sky. Navigate. The purple arrows are a wonderful thing. I didn’t know that when I first played. I’m glad to know it now. It’s so easy to get lost in here. Knowing how to switch weapons quickly is a good thing. And, well, knowing how to switch lead players isn’t such a bad thing either. By the way, that is via the “select” button. Whatever that is on your keyboard. You can check that with the joypad configuration thingy. Yay Lucent Beam, by the way. It can take away a 157 points that YOU can’t with your weapon I bet. Utilize. No matter how weak. Chain casting is again, wonderful. My first shot of Lumina on level 2 too 276 away. See? Sooo…. if you continually cast, you’ll have it in a jiffy, compared to fist battle.
don’t forget that you have an analyzer for your enemies. Unfortunately, my Shade wasn’t leveled up, but I built it as I was fighting the blob. After casting for what seemed like an eternity, I took exactly 999 from him. Unfortunately, I don’t know how many times I cast, and don’t try to count. But its good stuff. On level 2 Shade Dark Force I took 89 with one hit. It varies at times, but the general idea….. I bulked up. Chain casting is a magical thing. Now its on level 3, and I took 193 with one hit. As you can see….. its a good thing. Don’t quit! He has 5000 HP for goodness sakes. Its going to take time, and he grows as he gets his ass whooped. Don’t forget it. He pulsates and it actually looks kind of creepy. I am now on level 4 with Dark Force and kicking major ass. Ohhhh. He’s down and out. Sweeeeeeeeet. ^.^

Lumina is now on level four, for me, and I am whipping some massive Thantos ass. We’re so close! I’m pulling off twelve lucent beam attacks at a time, which shows how cool chain casting is. He has somewhere around 6666 HP so dood, don’t take too many breaks. He’s fun to whoop ass on anyway. Haha! I have Lumina on level five now. And he’s dead. Go, man, go!

Woooo, rumble rumble rumble. What the.. indeed. Wooo… here comes all of the drama and what not. Of course the mana beast is a Flammie, but hes nowhere near as cool as yours! =^.^=
DON’T forget to revive the mana sword with Dryads mana magic! Double-casting is just as wonderful as before on this account. Wait until he’s done his fireball attack. Then double cast mana magic on good old lead man there with the big bad sword. Otherwise… you’ll keep hitting, and keep taking away: zero. You can imagine how much fun that would be. His HP is 9990 soOoOo… He’s very predictable though. Don’t bother charging up your weapon. Thats kind of stupid anyway. Hit him as many times as you can while hes in front of you. Thats pretty much the only time you can hurt him at all. Magic doesn’t work on him. But, in some twisted world, it makes sense to make magic work if they cast it on you and you strike him repeatedly. Cooooolneat. Only Dryad, though. REally. She has the mana power. She rules. You’ll be amazed when you beat him. Just hypnotized. It will take your breath away, and take that tension out of your arms and shoulders, and that block off of your chest. You’ll doubt it at first, too. But it happened. It really did. Its okay. Breathe. He’s dead and the game is beaten! yyyyaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!! ^.^

*does victory dance and lap*

I’s so happy!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!
Ewww, its snowing guts and body parts!!!!
haha. And, and… whats this? OH it has credits!!!!! JOYGASM!!!!! ^.^
Alriiiiiiiiight. We beat the gaaaaaaaaame. And if you turbo through all of the credits, you get to see the final final endings. It totally rocks.
Now don’t you love Secret of Mana? ^.^ hehehehehe.


~ by Ashlee on September 21, 2004.

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