the last Green Room show, for now

This was a weekend of concerts, actually. First at the cafe, then at the Green Room. I cry, for it was the Green Rooms last show. And I love the Green Room. Bah on closing it for school, but I suppose I understand.

Thank goodness, we can still go to Turner Hall,

But really, it’s still not the green room. No hole in the ceiling from when someone threw a guitar through it. No “Fuck school, join a band.” sign. No little umbrellas to go in non-alchoholic drinks, no more green paint everywhere, or neat-o trim all around, and no more comfy comfy couches and spiftastic posters everywhere. No more broken mirror pasted to the wall. No more beatles sign, open eat area, elevators to play on, 11 story roofs to climb, secret doors that go into very dangerous, but appealing places where my camera could have been lost forever. No more jumping in Sporks van to get over there as fast as we can so we can jump around and be crazy in the Green Room. No more Speedholes :(. It’s all over for now. But I suppose sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or makes memories fade. One of the two.

Of course. Its time to move on until next summer when we can go back again. Who knows what kind of drastic changes could happen between now and then.

What rocked so about last night. Simple. All of it.

The last show in the Green Room, and we got to be in attendance.

We got to see Endsmet,

the Speedholes,

my favorite local guitarist,

and Seth’s band. My ears are still ringy, and so are Katie’s.

I finally got to give Brooke and Kre the hugs I wanted to give them

I got to see BOB!!!!

Janelle, Foley, Brittany, Adam, Charles, Andi, Deus, Sarah,

and a swarm of other people.

I’m slightly deaf in one ear. Jesse Ray WASN’T there. Steven was there.

He, Katie, and I, had little hand fights and finally Katie had to separate us a few times because we wouldn’t stop. He picked Katie up quite a few times and as we were hugging each other he picked us both up.

Best of Winter was there. You know it. Within all of the moshing, I didn’t get squished. Although Katie and I almost got a guy dropped on our heads, which would have hurt.

I really wish Katie could have met Dizzy that day too. But unfortunately time didn’t do that. It will happen someday. I will make it happen. And Geri too.

I met Seth’s dad, and he’s cool.

Katie and I both have totally cool, fuzzy insides, good smelling, new jackets, which are as awesome as the awesome thing. Katie was nice enough to pin my pants up so that they aren’t too long for me anymore =^.^=

And, of course, there are just so many wonderful things about last night! I’ll probably mention them off-hand here and there because, you know, they fucking rock and stuff. So yeah. I suppose I have to do my homework now. And since I’m deaf in one ear, and I’m home alone, and its so nice outside, I can call Aaron, call Bob, call Tim, and then I can listen to Metallica, and do my homework.

Hoooraay for the Green Room!


~ by Ashlee on September 19, 2004.

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