okay. i took a break.

Boy was I in a state. It should have all been titled “Why do I feel desperate now.” This CD is still the soundtrack to my life when I get depressed like I do. And we all know I do. I can’t go on in life without adding that journalism is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever encountered. Maybe its different for everybody. But me crying has never drawn a crowd of people who cared about me like that. It doesn’t really matter that not everybody knows me so well. They all were there and gave a damn. I’m not used to that kind of treatment. The bottom line is I love them very much. Kre, Brooke, Felica, Anna, Kerri, Heather, Ashley, Heather, Megan, And, well, I love them. Maybe not Mrs Bergman nearly as much as everyone else, just because she doesn’t understand how it works. She maybe doesn’t know that everyone is different. Okay. =^.^= I love my journalism friends. They made it all okay not to be good enough for everyone. w++


~ by Ashlee on September 18, 2004.

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