Because, you know, the store rocks.

That’s right. That’s right it does. I am sitting here, in my new – awesome – pants, eating Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers, Cheddar, Baked with real cheese, listening to the Blues Brothers, and telling you that the store rocks. So… at the store.
First, we decided that we should look suspicious, and so we got ourselves a cart and some cheap macaroni and walked through every row. Then we almost ran into this guy coming around a corner, and instead, knocked merchandise off of its stand. He laughed and picked it up and put it back and we said thank you and went to the next row. Another row over, the same man was coming through. It went a little something like,
He: *laugh* “scuse me.”
Her: NO!

Not just a few rows over, well, nothing happened. Haha. Finally we got to the very last aisle, and went back to the milk-ect area. As we entered frozen foods, one of the employees did the “hello, how are you ladies today” thing whilst riding the cart down the aisle just like a little kid. And I waved sporadically and he laughed and we had a good old-time then. We all had fun. He was a blast to go through the store with. Then we got into the princess wave and he did one perfectly.

Her: “You just have that down.”
Him: “Lots of practice.”
More laughing and fun.

As we were walking back towards an aisle we had missed, I saw Mr Cooper, my uh, contemporary history teacher, from last year. And I waved. And he waved back. Yeah. We don’t like each other. Haha. Then as we were entering the row we’d missed, we saw our fun fun fun friend again! haha. And we both stopped abruptly and so did he, and we walked past each other slowly giving each other the suspicious eye, and then he did the princess wave again lol.
Her: “Now all we need is the walk to go with it.”
*He does the princess walk* And we all laugh our asses off there in the aisle.
We proceeded to the checkout lane, where she was talking about how good-looking the bagger was. Then we had a problem with the link card, but the cashier lady was so super cool. We had a really fun time talking to her. And we got the link problem fixed. Haha. On the way out, she stopped to play the little toy machine game thingy. And this man came out the doors and said “I like your shirt.” I had NO idea he was talking to me. Haha. Then he continued to talk to us all the way out to the van, which was totally cool. But, however, asking me if I had a “boyfriend”, me saying yes, and him saying “Well, if you didn’t, I just want to say I’d be available.” just wasn’t cool. At all. That’s just creepy.
And so! We drove away from County Market, not looking suspicious this time, and decided we were going there from now on to have store fun, because they’re so nice.


~ by Ashlee on September 15, 2004.

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