Cavity Protection. Sparkle fun flavor.

Note left. Entering, so I don’t ever forget it.

I love this. I’ve had discussions on the second to last topic before (world only existing as far as our minds create it). There have been some interesting experiments, too. I love being confused and unsure of what is. I don’t think I actually believe that something can be definite, exact, and only. Which I suppose means that I am a partial supporter/believer/insert proper word here in the theory of the world only existing in your mind, ect. I attempted to explain that theory to some one once, and they were completely lost. I’m glad to know someone else has heard of, and understands it.
So have you always been this smart? I’m just wondering. Since I am in high school and, it sounds cocky, but I’m surrounded by two and a half generations, consisting almost completely of morons…
Hooray for literate people.

What is your major? That just came to mind, and I was thinking “wow… I don’t know.”

First topic; Do you know what a key logger is? Most people I ask have no idea. It’s a little program some computers have, others don’t, which keeps a record of every single key that you press while your computer is running. Backspace, space, 4tsgoilks9987849kfjlsd. I hope I explained that well. Sometimes I wish I could put one of those into every aspect of my life and everything and everybody I come into contact with. You would know everything. Every key they pressed. In human-ish terms, every thought that went through their mind, every verb they verbed, everything they typed, everything they said, every time they back spaced, and what they erased when they did that.
This entry reminded me of that thought.

Tenga un buen dia.

Magical quotes of the day.:
“I am in textbox hell!” -Anna

“I fuck animals!” -Johnny Depp

“Like whats the logic in that, if I don’t do something stupid, something terrible will happen?” comedian, (commenting on Johnny Depp’s way of coping with his fear of flying)

“Please don’t loom.” -Anna


~ by Ashlee on September 13, 2004.

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