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Heeeeelp I’m on fire, I’m on fire!!!

A good combination of weaponry (I prefer the whip – you can stay at a safe distance) and Pedro’s acid rain ability will get you through the ruins palace south of pandora.

and now I’ve fallen into a hole. I forgot where Thantos sends you with that hole…

oh yeah! now its time to… fight a wall? with three eyes… oki doki.

geez. first they light me on fire, then they rain acid on me, then they freeze me. what the fuck.
always attempt to kill the middle eye first. if not, it can regenerate the outer two later.

ohhh.. fuck yeah. who just beat the three eyed wall? I did. I did.
haha. I rule again.

now I’ve got to go back to Lukas (water palace) because, I’ll bet ya, someones stolen the water seed.
how gay.

long time no type. Well… I am now with the monster Kilroy(not that you care) and he is being powered by the water seed. Woo woo.

Ohh.. I’ve been moogled.

Another long time no type. Well, of course Spring Beak was easy to defeat. A few good mudslides and an ice ball attack and he has been reduced to nothingness. yay.

Okay. I’ll admit that I promised to keep a running log of my secret of mana adventures. I opted out of that for something much more gratifying (Getting to have a conversation with Todd). I suppose, to catch you up, for you’re probably disappointed, I am now in the cave to the right of Matango, free of moogles and fire and ice balls. Also not being eaten or confronted by plush seated chairs. Todd rocks. And I have a lovely way of defeating enemies. My glove and axe are on level three. Whip: level 2. Boomerange: 3. Sword and spear: 2. Bow: 3. And javelin: 2, but it is supposed to be on three. I must find Watts and have him forge it. Yippee. I have killed the swirling earth orb and ‘heard the sound of falling rock somewhere.’ And Todd rules.
I have finally locked the front door so that you cannot come inside and scare me this time.

I also now officially have my tea, and my midsection is sore in thirteen and a half different languages.
I am also resisting any urges to eat an excessive amount of watermelon after seven pm. Learning is an excellent thing.

I have just been struck by lightning and air blades.
It’s time to fight the snake. I wouldn’t mind a recommendation for beating that bastard dead.

I hate and love that expression all at the same time.

Holy shit, I was just pygmized. That’s just creepy.
That’s actually five different kinds of uncool. I’m going to check the back door again. Because I’m paranoid.
Poor Fidel is getting pygmized up to her eyeballs in this part.

Ahh. I’ve figured him out. The great viper’s major weakness is Syphlid.
Now how am I supposed to get to the Sandship.


Enjoy your time with Mech Rider. He’s a loser and I went with Mudslide endlessly to defeat him.
Why am I telling you all of this again? oh yeah. haha. So you can find out what happens at the end without me telling you. I myself can hardly remember.

of course. It only makes sense that I would come to the middle of the desert, so that I could fly via cannon to the Ice Country. duh, me. Isn’t that obvious.

Thank goodness for game saves.
I forgot to stress this whole time to always use game saves when you have the opportunity. And talk to Watts each and every time you see him. He’s a helpful kind of guy.

Could I brag and say that at the moment I have 10334GP? muahahaha.


~ by Ashlee on September 11, 2004.

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