mockpardister winkerly toy

By the way, I’m looking for a Radiohead template to share my diary with Manson. Because, you know, Radiohead is awesome. I would love it if I found an Ozzy one as well, or Nirvana. But whatever. If anyone knows anything and can help me… because I make templates, but I’m sooooo lazy…

I also want to say… since I know you’re using the game genie as well. (I hope its snes9x v 1.39), I have cheat codes entered. But I don’t remember what all of them are for. So here. You can have them all if you want. But since you haven’t beaten the game without them yet, DON’T USE THEM. Beat it without them first, then put them in and zip through it. It’s a lot more fun that way. Anyway.

you can probably look up the meanings. But again, I’m way too lazy to. I’d say beating the game… maybe.. two or three times beforehand gives you the right to cheat codes, maybe beating it once gives you the right to a walk-through, so you can see all the things you hadn’t found before, and things like that.

Now my mudslide is on level 3, but I’ve found one hit with it vanquishes the blue wolves. it’s a very handy magic tool. it defeats a lot of things, really.
when you find Rudolph, don’t forget to go inside of the cabin and find the spears orb.
The ice palace isn’t hard to find. And no, I do not think you should name your kitten kool-aid. I think you should name him Frankie. Or teddy. Or Jimmie. Or.. Jorge. Hahaha.

La funk is a bastard, but he fears salamando, who you don’t have yet. sorry. yet again, mudslide wiped him out with one hit.
I averaged four hits with my axe to defeat a wolf without magic. don’t do battle with the hedgehogs if you can avoid it. try very hard to do that. You cant attack la funk manually. do it via magic, or he’ll frostify you. How do I know and remember? I just got frostified.
You will most likely become very frustrated when you realize you’ve made a full circle. Don’t give up. Just keep looking. You’ll finally come to a place and meet a monster that looks just like tropicalo. As before, attack and kill his vines first. they are a pain in the ass if you don’t. Its much easier to kick his ass if you use magic. As I said, he looks like tropicalo, but he is NOT the same monster.
I’m going to sit here and recommend anything from the gnome over and over and over, because he is on the highest level out of all of my elementals. Do a test run of your highest elemental first. See if it’s effective.
He hates it when you double cast spells, and if you hit his vine and take hp from it, he’ll go back underground most of the time. He’s a silly little chicken.
He’s not as easy as tropicalo. Actually, he’s close to a worthy opponent. But trust me. He’s nothing close to the biting lizard. Who you’ll see not too far from now.

Talk to the stove. Haha. That sounds funny. But do it. I wont say why. It’s a surprise.

Start using salamando right away. Get his levels up. He’s a good power to have. The houses are in the village just for looks, but feel free to wander around if you want.
Of course we know that la funk’s major weakness is salamando, so all the better to use him.
yet again, Neko is always a good thing. Your hotel on paws. Keep powering up salamando.
Now, for once, the girl has an elementals power and can attack with it, unlike before. I’m sure you were annoyed with the fact that she could only do favors to the team and not attack any monsters. salamando is the coolest. The bookshelf maze place is nothing but a trick of the eyes. battle around the monsters as best you can and try every wall, nook, and cranny. again, all a trick of the eyes. it is not hopeless. Don’t be afraid to fall into the hole. Haha. Here come those biting lizards to eat you again.
Amuse me… count how many times you get eaten. Hahaha.

Target them one at a time. Theyre fucking annoying, I know. AS long as they’re pink, they won’t hurt you. Once they turn blue-green, they tend to swallow, snap, and heal themselves. its much more irritating when they’re ALL blue-green than when just one is.
I like lava wave. why? because they don’t. haha. Not to mention I have salamando on level two at this time. so it’s very effective.
the more you work him up before you get there, the easier this will be. a LOT easier with magic than without.
Once they’re laying flat, they’re dead. they’ll disappear in a bit.
You can have Pedro and fidel launch magic attacks at the same time.
On a side note, pass up the floaty machine eyes if you can. They suck. And choose ‘no.’
Frost gigas is a feggela. I highly recommend having both fidel and Pedro launching fire attacks at him at once. its more effective and decreases the effectiveness of his heal powers.
It didn’t take me too long to defeat him. He’s a lot more worthy than fire gigas, but again, nothing compared to the biting lizard when you have no magic.


ladeda. Theres some stuff about abusing things, and growing huge trees, and body changes, probably has something to do with hormones or steroids or something. If you’ve mastered the double-cast ability between Pedro and Fidel, I recommend you keep using it. It gets more than one spell up on levels faster, and it beats opponents much more efficiently.
don’t fret if the frost gigas(aka santa) turned all of your weapons into ice. That totally rocks, trust me. Hit a wolf with a frosted weapon and see what happens. it saves a lot of work.
Dont ever forget that your teammates are violence junkies. don’t fear just walking around your enemies and dragging the other two with you.
where else would you go, now that you have the fire seed, but back to the fire palace? and we all know where that’s located.
Kick the orbs ass any way you can. It’s almost hard to see, but you can see it. Don’t try to defeat the clouds first – that’s kind of silly when you can barely see. I refuse to tell you which fire to blow at the orb. Just try them all until it works. 🙂 really the best way to beat the robin hoods from a far distance is magic. and you know, the same for those red drops. because by now, you already know they’re just jackoffs.
ice wipes most fire creatures out. fire can hurt them too, but hey, whats more fun than ice on fire.
still, don’t forget the mudslide, and the most powerful elemental you have thing.
No matter how much you want to, you cannot manually defeat those clouds. so drop all of your pathetic little hopes and dreams to the ground and use the fucking magic or go in your room and masturbate. okay? okay.
I know what you’re thinking. yes that duck is shitting bombs on you. dont you wish you could do that to some people. yes I do too.
Trust me, if you havent figured it out by now, the ability of Sy… whatever the buddha guys name is, his ability, to read orbs, is a fantastic thing. use it. especially here. then look around the room once you’ve defeated that orb. you have to walk around the room a bit to get what you want, but you can figure it out im sure. even if it’s by accident.
Now this next boss is a dick. he likes to pick on Pedro and fidel. I think he’s racist. But I’m not on that personal of a level with him yet. So I can’t say for sure.
Now, my thunderbolt took him down… to chinatown. But try all of yours out if that doesn’t work effectively for you.
haha. I love that duck.

He gets a little red in the face I’m sure you’ll notice. don’t ever stand directly in front of him in whatever direction hes facing. or you could try it and find out why. I think he masturbates with his horns, really.
kick his ass and I’ll get back to you.


~ by Ashlee on September 11, 2004.

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