Equatourugatterst Dism II

I have been made aware that Katie is in a “I don’t care about you” phase right now.

I’m going to play an extremely old version of Zelda now. And when I get tired of that I’m going to play Secret of Mana.

What better a time than to keep a running base of all my useless, undeeded, probably idiotic thoughts.
okay, I guess the old self esteem balloon is deflated today. *thinks to self: “I wonder why…” sarcastic puzzled look*

woooooooo time to fight the big old mantis ant. lucky me. maybe if this dumbass hadn’t pulled the mana sword out of the fucking rock none of this would have happened.
ohh… wait… that was me.
and this fat blonde dude in the game… who goes around smacking my player dood.
hes just gay.

there’s jema, getting ready to save my sad little poofy-pants bandana wearing ass. and this dumbass donkey fucker is still screaming about the monster. maybe he shouldn’t have smacked me and fallen into the hole with me. dumb ass.
fuck a watermelon. I’m unconscious.

oh man. haha.
the ghost just turned my box fan on. thank you ghost. I was a little warm.

mantis ant is dead and i love this song.

how does timothy know the elder wants me in his house? why does the elder tell a little kid that, anyway? that’s like the father wanting you in his confessional or something. haha. no really. how does he know? he’s been standing in the yard this whole time.
why does the elder have a young child in his basement? I don’t get it.
haha. this dude snores funny.
even though i have the game muted…. in the game. there’s the part where i get banned from the village. and there’s this sappy ass sad music that plays. then when you leave and go into the forest, the forest full of all sorts of evil monsters, you hear this jolly crazy funny music that reminds me slightly of some senile old person lol.
I love the effect.
I don’t like flying via cannon. :S

this song (6345789) brings up good memories. haha.
aside from the blues brothers movie.
way to go me. I walked right into a poison cloud from a shroom.

twist it, shake it shake it shake it shake it baby,

I want to watch Furngully again.

Bend over let me see you shake your tail feather..

Dang buzz bees.

When I play the maracas I go chig chiggy boom, chig chiggy boom


there’s a lot of shrooms in this game.
haha. shrooms.

so if you like the beat, take a lesson from cuban pete, I teach you to chig chiggy boom, chig chiggy boom

holy cow man. I’ve got like, four shrooms attacking me. what the fuck. haha. a shroomheads dream.

you’re damned right fool. Dizzy does reach level seven.

yay free pizza!
boo balloon spell.
I’im not imagining it. that white papa johns car is stalking us.
yay free pizza.

very key to success, get the goblins trapped behind a rock, then stay just far enough away, and swipe them to death with your sword.

yay. I found the magic rope.

I wonder if that’s anything like the shrooms…

really, whats not to love about Perfect Circle

damned sprite child, ripping me off like that.

damn that tropicalo and his evil vines of doom.

of course, I have everlasting life and he doesn’t. muahahaha.

I’m going to name my new sprite child “Pedro.” haha.

woo wooo, I have the bow and arrow!
yay saving games and forging things. and selling all of my candy and medical herbs, because my little character is a healing supplies pimp with infinite life. haha.

oh.. damn my memory! where was i supposed to go….

sitting at the computer on a very nice day, with the fan on 2, drinking refreshing water, playing secret of mana while listening to Perfect Cirle, blues, swing, jazz, Radiohead, and many other relaxing and fun musics, is quite satisfying.

haha. what I particularly love about these robin hood forest fox-bears is that once you get right in front/behind them, they turn and run away. wee.

what the fuck? I just killed the monster and Pedro reaches level 3.
I hate you Pedro.
this is the part of the game where I wish I had magical powers. like in chrono trigger.

damned werewolves. damned lazy sprite children.
love the pink and purple clouds here. this entire game is an acid trip.

“Please name this young lady.”
okay. Her name is…

HAHA! “Okay, you can call me Fidel.”
I love this game.

every time I fight this crazy set of one eyeball and two robin hood thingies, I constantly find myself wondering how I got to the other side of the screen.

pff. again! i kill the monster, Pedro gains a weapon skill. what is with that anyway. my computer is going through an identity crisis for me.

fuck. they ballooned Fidel.
they treasure bombed me.

ahhh I love perfect circle so much it hurts.

there should be a little sign coming into this part saying “prepare to be moogled.”

damn. of all the things I hate in life, being moogled is way up there on the list.
now we come to the room where you have to defeat the mighty, mighty, terrifying, monsterous…

uh oh. time for killer kitty.

damn it I’m on fire!!!! help help help!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by Ashlee on September 11, 2004.

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