141,763,084 laughs served and counting

“I’m going to hang up again now okay?”
*puts phone down*

I finally met my advocacy teacher, who is also my dean. Who else! Mr Devoe. I don’t know if I wrote about him in the… the…… uh…. ACT entry
Yes I think I did. If not, I was thinking about it. Mr Devoe is a lot like a little kid at heart… and… stuff. And Alyssa is in my Advocacy! which totally rocks. Anyway. It was alright. wooo.
I totally.. heart psychology!
And I heart AP Lang!
And I heart AUTO TECH!
And I heart Journalism!
but I DISHEART biology A. Because (sounding egotistical) I’m surrounded by idiots in that class. And I’m not the only one who is!

Maybe the worst thing, is that I’m not being challenged at all by that class. The teacher is cool. But geez. I feel like I’m back in my Life Science class. Can’t I just take a different lab science? I bet I can. But since, you know, counsellors aren’t supposed to be there for you or anything, mine is too busy to tell me the answer to that.
That’s fine. I’d get tired of listening to peoples shit all day long too. But man, I’d just fucking quit. I wouldn’t sit there and trade listening to peoples shit for helping them fix their damned schedules while the school is falling down all around me. Fuck that.
and her name is Austin.

Fredreich was telling me all sorts of kickass stuff about Brazil the other day. It rocked.
Oh. Mr stewart bought three kids at Wal-mart last night. and of course… he saved me again. Thank you eternally Mr Stewart for everything you do. And for just being so dang cool.

I think I have officially reached a point of acceptance to either outcome and I’m ready to be devastated now..


~ by Ashlee on September 1, 2004.

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