He wears his sunglasses at night…

so he can..
so he can..
watch me eat and breathe…?

so he can..
so he can..
keep track of visions in his eyes?

what the fucking hell.

.Pronunciation Key (kouns-lr) n.: A person who gives counsel; an adviser.

Yes… well…
My person at school who is supposed to do that was too busy for me today.
That’s fine. Whatever.
I left the office and went off and cried outside of my biology class.
Iit was my next hour anyway, so what better place to go?
Sadly enough, I’m afraid I may have to leave you all at lunch Geri. I don’t want to go there anymore. I just don’t. And I’m going to kill that fucking math teacher of yours.
“Is it an emergency?” No, fucktard. I’m only standing in the lunch room crying for no apparent reason and I am clinically depressed. Of course it’s not a fucking emergency. Idiota.
He clearly needs to jerk off more often. That’s his problem. That or he’s a dickhead.

I’m sure Mr Llewellyn will be seeking me out sometime next month. Probably about four or five weeks from now, to give my estimate. He’s too busy right now, and I’m sure he’s tired of listening to me tell him why I can’t stop crying. Everyone else is.

To quote Goofy… Garsh.

Ppff. Fuck man. I am going to press done, scan pictures, and do my homework.

Someone PLEASE call if you need me.


~ by Ashlee on August 31, 2004.

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