All about Crockett’s mom. And then some.

Once again, the Devlyn brings me joy.
and all beside the point…
I am a moron.
I love Mr Steinke by the way.

Oh yes, your child has friends that actually accept her for who she is and you say, “Well you need to find some new friends then.” That TOTALLY makes sense Mrs Crockett.

This isn’t all about mileage, and you know it. And no. I didn’t just wake up and want to target you today. I happen to have had a good day as well. I merely feel the need to list the many things about you that generally disappoint me as a human being.
Someone needs to inspire you to think about some things that you tend to push away so that you dont have to realize what the real world is made of and how things just are and will be. Perhaps this is an ode do Katie as well. I suspect she has never taken you to taco bell because she knew you felt bad that day, or taken you to work with her for no reason at all, or called you up on the phone and talked for five long hours that didn’t seem so long, and had a randomly hilarious time, talking at times, about absolutely nothing (and everything). Why? Because much like the rest of the world… she, her ways, her thoughts, her feelings, her choices, herself for who she is, just isn’t good enough for you. But of course, as all of this, all of our fun times, all of our very pointed, pointless talks, all of the times we all laughed so hard we cried, all of the times we’ve been there for each other to cheer each other up and have a good time, and just in general being there when she realized how shallow, boring, and all-together stupid all of the people she was around before were… and anything else I can’t think of that she has done for us and that we have done for her and that we have all done together quite obviously and clearly prove….

that katie needs to go out and get some new friends.


~ by Ashlee on August 26, 2004.

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