overexposure may cause lung injury

Reading concerteds diary I learn about the song Drive
It almost makes me want to cry too.
But I did that today once. My eyes hurt and I’ve had my fill.

Ask a fish head anything you want to..

What a time it is? Its 1:14 I think, to be literal. I had all these horrible nightmares last night.

Apparently I haven’t had my fill of my own crying today. Or perhaps somebody else hasn’t had their fill of mine. Maybe I’m just sensitive.

No. I don’t think so. I think this is just one of those times where life is becoming so strange.

Somebody fucking destroyed my candle.
Phew. I think today is the type of day to go for a walk… today. It’s nice outside and I want to listen to fantomas. I also want to watch Waking Life.

Yes. I am absolutely sure I don’t want to lead the type of oriental psuedo-swami run-run bycicle chopsticks life that every one else does.

You’ve hurt my feelings a lot this week you know.


~ by Ashlee on August 22, 2004.

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