So this is what it feels like. Hmm.

Okay, okay. I told you I was going to save that “short description” for a certain element of life that will probably come. I lied.
I’ll just have to use it twice.
This is what it feels like. It’s not quite what I expected right away, but it’s not a bad feeling. My neck is kind of stiff (I slept very soundly, and in a very strange position apparently) and my back feels a lot better now that its back in place. Did I say before that my dads couch decided to relocate the vertebrae near the bottom half of my spine? Well they’re back now. I’m glad to have them. But I would like to know what position I could have possibly attained that would cause me this much extraordinary pain in my neck.
Sometimes I wonder how Katie’s father would handle things vs. how her mom handles them. For example, home-made curfew. Somehow I just don’t think he figures it the same way her mom does. Oh well.
I still wonder.
As a matter of fact, I tend to wonder about a lot of dads. And how they would handle things.
My puppy is chasing flies. Haha.
Did I ever mention that we finally picked a name after two weeks?
If I didnt. It’s Roxalia Rain. Roxy for short. Pretty name for a pretty puppy. I never added pictures of her either. I never thought to.
This is really what it feels like….
and geez. It’s making me want to clean.


~ by Ashlee on August 21, 2004.

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