where life is beautiful all the time

I’m quite aware that I’m an idiot.

Perhaps I don’t need the same reminder that all other people seem to.

Every sperm is sacred…
Every sperm is great…
If a sperm is wasted…
God gets quite irate.

We all know how much Monty Python rocks.
If you don’t.. then that’s your problem. haha.

Of course my candle is still burning right next to this other one, while the song “Christmas in Heaven” is playing. Anyway. I guess I came in to rant and gripe about me being an idiot.
Christmas in heaven has a very bohemian/Caribbean beat. hahaha.

Apparently there’s something about me that “older men” like.
Save me please.

Not to be repetitive or anything, but I feel like I’m reviewing previous entries in life. I may as well just take the words directly.
I’m preparing to barricade myself in the house this weekend. Lets see if I feel like doing it. I guess we’ll find out.
Ii sense something familiar about this, oh shit, its happening again.

I did.


~ by Ashlee on August 20, 2004.

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