Cranial Bleeding

feel free to talk to me Katie.

GERI. we saw you. we were going to see collateral at the mall (alright movie) and we were going to turn and Katie said “go faster!” to the white car, and as they drove by I saw “snl” and your dad and I said “GERI!” haha

nothing feels quite so good as “I love you” when you know someone means it.
so yeah. haven’t added an entry for a bit. well that’s a lie. but it feels like it. so what have I been doing. hm. went to see collateral. I think someones worried about me and my mental state. went to taco bell a few times as well. went to sporks house last night and spent the night. that was fun. went to work with her too that day. that was very fun. there was much analysis of people… and things. and I met Elias. he’s cool as well. I like modest mouse.

and of course… as I was thinking last night… “I sense something familiar about this. oh shit. it’s happening again.” you bet.

the fact is… there’s no way you can mend your relationship with me. so quit trying. please.

oh yes.. and

a note in my freezer ! hehehe. wee.


~ by Ashlee on August 15, 2004.

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