Mmmmmm. On a nice bed of rice with a crisp merlot….

well….. to be tacky, I took Katie’s entry that we both kind of made, and I copied it, and with slight editing, I am placing it here.

Katie and I were pulled over for stealing liquor from county market,
though we didn’t do it, we were pulled over for it…

words from me:
hola! como estas? yes. we got pulled over by the policia!! “all we wanted was sugar and icing. shaken, not stirred. after we avoided the liquor aisle.” yes. we avoided it completely. we approached it, but we decided to turn away and go to the next aisle, assuming it didn’t contain something stupid.
it’s a good thing they didn’t find it in the secret spy compartment, phew! I still want to know… exactly… how they knew before we did. the quincy policia are good.
when we were asked to drive back to county market to speak with she-cop, he-cop, and the manager man, Ted? , they said that we “looked suspicious.” apparently Ted was notified by two employee guys. I should smack them with my little orange disk container.Ii wonder what their names were.
I’ll call them…. Billy and…. Fernando. Billy is going to be a part-time county market employee, part-time bad-at-judging-books-by-the-cover man. Fernando will be… a part-time county market employee… and part-time…. house painter. and so, Billy and Fernando told on us. because we look suspicious. and you know I woke up this morning from that weird dream thinking “I want to look suspicious today, and spread my suspicious look to Katie when we go to county market.”
*slaps billy and Fernando* bad. bad! *shakes fist* its 1:20 Katie, so you know when you come ask.

Bbilly and Fernando and ted and she-cop and he-cop… and Katie, and I. All of us. There. here. Everywhere. And the lady that smiled at me. we had a fun time. and Katie cut out a picture for me just now.
so how did they know before we did? I was almost sure that we must have done a jekyl/hyde thing and just didn’t remember it. but in my memory, I was there, deciding I didn’t want to go into the liquor aisle. because drinking is bad for you. alcohol is bad for you. and drinking is a stupid choice (in my opinion).. okay, so other people can do it, but I don’t. I don’t like alcohol.
anyway, again. these people are magical. she-cop is doing a spectacular job. “were you two just at county market?… did you buy some things?… did you take some liquor?” lol.
you know, we got lost on the way to county market too, because she gave us confusing directions and we didn’t know it was a dead-end. but then Cathy was pulling out of her driveway and waved at she-cop and hellos were exchanged and Katie accidentally hit the horn.
to finish, no, we did not steal the liquor. “not this time. maybe next time.” uz. not today, maybe tomorrow.

Katie: bad enough I was offered liquor, now you accuse me of stealing it…. shame


~ by Ashlee on August 11, 2004.

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